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assasukasse 07-07-2021 06:39 AM

Creating a "nomad" installation of bullseye by cloning
I have bullseye installed on my home laptop on a NVME 512Gb ssd.
The installation is working nicely and I have all my files on it which account for about 100Gb total.
I wanted to create a bootable usb3 installation to bring this OS with me and run on different pc when needed: I have a PNY USB3 240Gb ssd which I could use for this.
Considering that my installation has LUKS on / swap and /home but not on efi and boot what would be the best way to clone it to the PNY drive?
I would like it to be bootable and not only an image or a backup.

Many thanks

ButterflyMelissa 07-07-2021 07:12 AM

Thanks for a great question :)
What I'd recommend is an install of AN os of the mobile SSD, set up (g)rsync to sync data back and forth, where the (say) external drive functions as "backup".
Instead of that, maybe considering a cloud (that can be trusted) to keep all data in one place. If that tickles your imagination, perhaps (your provider permitting) set up a cloud server at home...
Just some thoughts...
Have fun

assasukasse 07-08-2021 03:13 PM

at the moment I am struggling with vmware player. I set up a passthrhough to the usb ssd and mounted in the vm as a nvme drive.
Everything works but the grub installation, when it fails..
pity I couldn't make it go into uefi either, seems the iso i downloaded from debian doesn't support uefi booting..
grrr could try and install grub by chrooting into the ssd but i dont see why it shouldn't install from vmware..

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