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htamayo 03-21-2007 02:32 PM

create a "mobile" repositorie
Hi, I installed etch at my work and at home, I will update and download some packages at my work because I have ADSL connection there, but the question is:

How ca I create a mobile repositories - in CD or DVD- to install/update package at home?

When I do synaptic or aptitude and choose some package that has to be downloaded it -for example macopix- or has to be upgrade -for example postgresql- where I have to look for the deb package? aumatically my mobile repositorie will be updated with those "new" deb packages?

Thanks for your help

Dutch Master 03-21-2007 07:43 PM

You can use the rsync command to synchronize your personal repository on the work machine to the Debian mirror you use. Rsync allows you to determine a destination, thus you can find the packages where you'd expect. You could then use k3b to burn the files to a cd or dvd. On your home machine, add the cd or dvd as a repository and use Synaptic or aptitude to install the latest programs.

Keep in mind that with this method you cannot determine which packages are new, but apt on your home machine does that for you. It also means that you have to burn the entire collection of packages to the cd/dvd each time you update the repository on the work machine to get the changes to your home machine.

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