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amimusa 04-12-2005 04:14 AM

console configuration problems with keymap
Hi everybody!

I have put a new debian box to develop web aplications, but i have a problem configuring the console keymap.
The issue is that I don't have the symbolic link /usr/share/kbd/defaultkeymap.gz -> <mykeymap>. I've tried to create manually, but it doesn't work. Then I thought that maybe there is any script in any package that i don't have in my system and do this symbolic link properly.
The packages i have installed and reconfigured thousends of time are:
- console-common
- console-data
- locales -> /etc/locales.gen

When I write locales i have the correct es_ES@euro layout, but the "" key does not work at the console. In the X enviorement it works.

The question is if i have miss any package to the correct configuration to console keymap. What script do this work and in wich package it is.
Any other suggestion will be as appreciate as the first.
If there is needed any file information of my system, please ask for it.
The debian i've installed is a woody, but the first step i made when the system was up is to modify the sources.list to unstable. When i tried to install the package kbd i have experienced any dependencies problems with console-tools, maybe is over there the problem, but yesterday i was since 14 to 22 and i did't get.

Please, help !!!

Thank you very much.

makuyl 04-13-2005 12:46 PM

Have you tried "install-keymap es.kmap.gz"

You could also "apt-get install localepurge" to get rid of unneeded locales and localised manpages.

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