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kushalkoolwal 04-21-2006 06:06 PM

configuring Netgear WG111 USB wireless adapter

I have configured PCMCIA wireless cards (like SMC,NETGEAR) many times using ndiswrapper, but I have no experience in configuring any USB wireless adaptor for my Dell 5160 Inspiron laptop on my Debian system.

Can anyone tell me what are the steps that I should go through to configure my Netgear WG111 USB wireless adapter on Dell Laptop running Debian etch.???

Can I use ndiswrapper with USB wireless adapter also?


pentode 04-22-2006 02:02 PM

I have found USB wireless adapters + Linux to be an "interesting" combination. You can use ndiswrapper, or at least give it a try. First step is to get the latest Window XP drivers and follow the ndiswrapper instructions for installing the driver and configuring ndiswrapper. The ndiswrapper reference information is pretty good.

I have used ndiswrapper with a USB adapter (not the same as yours). It seemed to work for a while, then connectivity would be lost until I did a rmmod and modprobe to reinstall the module or rebooted the system. Eventually I switched to linux-wlan-ng, but it only works with Prism chipset. It's a pain also, but once connected, it is solid.

If you have a spare PCMCIA slot, you might think about going that way instead of USB. Best of luck.

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