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Outabux 12-15-2004 01:48 PM

Configure Two soundcards, ALSA...How?
Aurreal 8820 Vortex 1

Have configured with alsaconf (running SID, but did basic install from Woody, then dist-upgraded, added X, ... alsaconf works still : ) but)

Anyway, I can configure either of the cards, but not both. I am curious to see that no longer does /etc/modutils/aliases have any mention of the sound card aliases. MMMMMMMMM

However, alsa-base is present.

Should I configure each card and copy snapshots of each, later combine the two by taking the sound card info at the beginning and pasting it into another?

Do I let KDE (or gnome) pick what does what or assign?

Would like for browser / games to use one, and media the other.


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