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Zian 10-26-2006 11:41 AM

Chrooting apache 2
I've googled for years now, and can't still find a way to make this work. I wan't to chroot apache 2 with the mod-security module. I've added the line "SecChrootDir /chroot/apache" to the httpd.conf, and loaded the module mod-security, but when i try to start the server it just writes: failed or something with red.

My directory /chroot/apache is empty, it shouldn't be right?

In "www,modsecurity,org" they write: "While I was chrooting an Apache the other day I realised that I was bored with the process and I started looking for ways to simplify it. As a result, I built the chrooting functionality into the mod_security module itself, making the whole process less complicated. With mod_security under your belt, you only need to add one line to the configuration file:
SecChrootDir /chroot/apache
and your web server will be chrooted successfully.

Why is it writing failed then, and won't start until i remove the line "SecChrootDir /chroot/apache" from my httpd.conf file :confused:

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