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1937 02-22-2011 04:31 PM

Can't access harddrive (lvm + dm-crypt) after reinstall.
Debian 6.0 Squeeze (stable) AMD64.

At first the problem was that the old volume group (containing all logical volumes for both physical volumes) had the same name as the new volume group. I did a reinstall where I changed the name and ran vgreduce --removemissing debian which seems to have removed all logical volumes from the old volume group.

When I try to unlock the drive in Gnomes Disk Utility I get "Incorrect Passphrase. Try again." but I *know* it's the right password, and I don't get any error when changing the password so that seems to be possible.


I found the oldest archive in /etc/lvm/archive/ and manually edited it to remove any stuff about the old LVs and PVs. Then I did vgcfgrestore --file groupname. With the help of blkid I edited /etc/fstab and /etc/crypttab to mount the disk at startup.

EricTRA 03-20-2011 04:06 AM


Glad you found a solution and thanks for sharing it. Off the Zero Reply List.

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