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Rounan 02-17-2004 10:16 AM

building optimized deb-src packages (debian/rules)

I've been trying to get Xfree86 optimized for my system.

I've downloaded the deb-src package, and it will compile and build just fine. The problem is that it ignores my host.def file (in the upstream dir), which would tell a normal XFree86 build to only build certain drivers, and contains my CPU optimizations.

there is a LOAD of stuff in the /debian directory; I've looked at /debian/rules and /debian/doogie-build-system, and they don't seem to contain anything pertinent. There is reference in /debian/rules to:

# XXX: xc/config/cf/* needs some fairly serious hacking to support this in a
# way that David Dawes will accept upstream, so for the time being, this isn't
# used (the DebianGccOptimizeOpt symbol is not referenced anywhere in the
# source tree), even though this variable is expanded below.

... So, this is a useless variable? When gcc is called during the make script, it uses -O2 flags, not -O0, so the above doesn't seem to matter.

I've done
export CFLAGS="march=pentium4 -O6"
export ARCH="i686"
export DEBIAN_HOST_ARCH="i686"

But the makefile still insists I'm using i386 architecture, and puts this in the debs.

Google has failed me on this one - there doesn't seem to be any kind of guide or explanation to debian/rules.

Can anyone explain what's going on, where i would set optimizations (preferably global, so I can download and make deb-src packages with optimizations, the way apt-get source is supposed to work), or point me to a guide that explains this?
I've read the apt-get howto, and anything else that a google search turned up.



Strike 02-17-2004 12:03 PM

There are source-based deb systems out there, like apt-build, apt-src, and pbuilder. I'd check with one of these to see if it fits your requirements.

I'd also think if compiling X is really worth the time and trouble for the optimization that you will get...

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