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SamTim74 01-22-2008 07:08 PM

Building .deb with customized prefix path
Hello ALL!

I need to create a .deb package of my customized build of python and this .deb package must be installed into /opt dir. How do I do it? Please, some help!!! I stuck :(

What I did...
I have built my python. It isn't like ./configure && make && make install. I made quite some manual work. So, now in ~/my_python I have _binary_ version of python, which I want to be installed on a target platform in /opt dir. Not in /usr/local!

In ~/my_python I create simple Makefile with default targets (all, my_python, clean, distclean, install). In order to "build" my_python I run tar -cjvf with sub-dirs in ~/my_python. Install is just copy tar.bz2 to /opt/my_python and untar it there.
When I try to run dpkg-gencontrol -pmy_python it generates dpkg-gencontrol: error: control file must have at least one binary package part. I don't understand, what does it mean?? If I look into ~/my_python/debian/my_python/it has all the files I'm supposed to install.

And why does it attempt to install everything to /usr dir? What if I want to install it into other place?

Kind regards,

PS. I guess creating just simple bash/perl script to copy and untar everything is way easier. I try to use dpkg for two reasons: upgrade/downgrade/uninstall and dependency check. If one has an idea on how to check dependencies from within bash/perl script, please, tell me!

it's Ubuntu 6.06.1 LTS, Linux vmubuntu 2.6.15-26-server

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