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DJ Shaji 09-14-2011 09:54 PM

Build a single (oss) kernel module on Squeeze
I'm running Squeeze, and I've recently been fiddling around, and I found that I can build specific modules with module-assistant. But, it will only let me build certain modules, and not others.

Specifically, I'm looking for the old "sb" oss module (100% soundblaster compatible). I was planning to download the new 3.01 with the corresponding rt patch and build a whole new kernel. But, woe, is down :(

So, until it comes back up again, I want to make do with something. Is it at all possible for me to build a single kernel module against the version I'm running (2.6.32-5-686) ? Is there a debian way to do this?

theNbomr 09-16-2011 01:28 PM

You should be able to get the sources from the Debian website. I don't know of any debian way, but the way seems pretty clean to me. I just reviewed a 2.6.32 kernel source tree, and the OSS Soundblaster module seems to be still part of it.
You should be able to simply add the driver(s) of choice to the kernel config file (make menuconfig), and then 'make modules; make modules install', to add them to the installed modules on your host (assuming the kernel source tree matches the installed kernel).

--- rod.

DJ Shaji 09-17-2011 02:04 AM

I finally did that yesterday. Actually, I was waiting for to come up back online again, but then I discovered that the kernel was also available on github, so I downloaded it from there and maked it.

I was just wondering that since oss4 modules could be built via module-assistant, I thought that perhaps something similar could be done with the old oss modules.

Even though the old oss modules are still a (deprecated) part of the kernel tree, no current distro ships them, and they're really not much useful anyway, except in a rare case like mine. ALSA is better in every way, and without limitations. oss4 drivers (at least the free ones) only go up to 48000 @ 16 bits. Not much fun at all. Even on my SoundBlaster I use the snd-ca0106 driver; but apparently the older oss modules need to be sitting there for the card to initialize.

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