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bluebarnstormer 04-26-2014 04:28 AM

block cursor at terminal login

using debian wheezy

the idea is to get a block cursor for login at e.g. tty1.
after inserting

PROMPT_COMMAND='echo -e "\e[?6;0;0c"'
in /etc/bash.bashrc every user gets a nice block cursor after login which makes me already a bit happy.
but there is still the underscore cursor for the first login.

adding same code in
/etc/rc.local or
/etc/init.d/rc.local or
is already tried but didn't give the wanted result.

a solution is apreciated, but a hint (or two) would help a newbie like me to get a feeling for runlevels etc.

fair day

bluebarnstormer 04-30-2014 01:07 AM

hi community,

if anybody is interested in solving this problem, please leave a note. there are so many features involved... therefor i could need some help.

the background for the block cursor (the interested member might want to know) is as followed:

a classroom full of unix-noobs like me want to learn basics on console. the teacher is working with a beamer, and the cursor is not really visible.
of course one could add apropriate code lines in the related user files to get a nice block cursor after login, then logout, and now there is a block cursor at login.
but that isn't cool i think.

trying to figure this problem out, i learned already a bit about vi, grep, find, insserv, runlevels, startscript, interpretation of the bash, escape sequences and a lot more i forgot already lol.

and it worked tonight, but only for tty2-6. but i messed up files after removing all comment i made in the process, and now i start again.

by the way, in suse sles (versin 11.something) it worked after a short time, but there is a default empty startscript...

i am a bit disapointed because noone likes to help, but i let you know when and how it worked 100%.

fair day to all of you

bluebarnstormer 04-30-2014 09:13 AM


the line

echo -e "\e[?81;0;112c" > /dev/tty1
in a new startscript (hint: update-rc.d) gives a white non-blinking and "transparent" block cursor at tty1 login.

though i didn't try it with wheezy but squeeze! that is ok by me, and i hope it's ok for the interested member aswell.

i'll have, and for all of you a

fair day

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