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wolfe2554 02-07-2005 02:05 PM

apt-get update fails after login
I am curently using redhat 9 and like it but I want better control and more options. So I want to switch to debian woody or sarge. I downloaded and installed the base system. Everything works as well as I need until I have the time to recompile the kernel for apm. But My problem is that I go to use apt-get update so I can get the index file for install. First pon, works fine no output. then ping google. works fine. I leave it running and switch tty's then apt-get update it logs in and authenticates finds the file and starts to download. It says waiting [ 0% ] . then I look at ping on the other tty and it has stoped. So as far as I can decern apt-get is killing my ppp conection. anyone have a sugestion for a fix to install the rest of debian??

Thank you

corfe 02-07-2005 02:40 PM

The first thing I think of, is perhaps you're behind some kind of connection that's making ftp connections difficult, or require passive FTP. It could also be that the sources you are setup to use are unreliable or slow to connect to from your ISP

Try changing all your sources to http if they're ftp, or just plain removing your sources and adding some different ones. You can do this by typing "apt-setup" as root.

Good luck, hope that helps!

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