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rdanda 06-24-2003 02:25 PM upgrades
Greetings all,

New Deb user, old slack fan. On the sources.list file, if I want to use a source from and add that source to sources.list, do I need to comment out the debian security entry. It seems like I cannot successfully upgrade gnome to 2.2 or kde to 3.x. I have only found clear documentation on going from stable to testing or unstable, I would like to just upgrade my gnome from a backported source. Any experience with that. Thanks.

stony 06-25-2003 05:59 AM


the problem you have, is that you used latest kde/gnome builds for sid instead of "backports" for woody, try out the following:

if you search for "kde" on then you get this result:

Karolinas KDE 3.1 packages for debian (Added 2002-11-28, last checked 2003-06-24) (Download as text)

just put the URLs your sources.list:

deb ./
deb-src ./

(deb-src isn't needed if you don't want to build the packages by your own...)

after adding these lines to your sources.list just run an

apt-get update

and the packages should be known to your system, now you can install kde 3.1 :)

same for gnome

Gnome2.2 backport for Debian woody. Also includes evolution 1.2.2, mozilla 1.2.1, gnucash 1.8.1 and galeon 1.2.7 among other things.

deb gnome2.2/
deb-src gnome2.2/

hope it worked :)


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