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lefty.crupps 09-23-2005 11:14 AM

anyone's firefox really unstable lately?
Since a recent update to my system (Mepis, unstable) my firefox is incredibly unstable. After a bunch of tabs are open it will bomb out, or a video clip will make it freeze up (try something at or just bomb out. If I do get a video to play, they are jerky, something that was never the case before.

anyone else? any ideas?

sigma957 09-23-2005 01:20 PM

I've noticed a tendency to just crash and disappear on me. It seems to be caused by certain sites, but it doesn't seem to be repeatable. I've used Firefox through several name changes ;-) and it never did that before.


craigevil 09-23-2005 01:36 PM

Have you tried running it in SafeMode? If it doesn't crash in SafeMode it is a bad extension or theme causing problems.

If it still crashes in SafeMode try creating a new profile.

You can also open it in a terminal and see if you get an error messages.

I have ran Firefox since the Firebird days, and the only time I have seen problems was when an extension/theme caused problems.

In windows the new Flash 8 seems to be causing people problems.

I have not had any problems running:
Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.7.10) Gecko/20050720 Firefox/1.0.6 (Debian package 1.0.6-1)

Extensions (enabled: 17, disabled: 0)

* Copy URL + 1.3.1
* Mouse Gestures 1.0
* Tabbrowser Preferences
* Feedview 0.9.7
* Show Failed URL 0.1.4
* Toolbar Enhancements 0.16.2
* InfoLister 0.8.2
* FlashGot
* User Agent Switcher 0.6.6
* Sage 1.3.5
* ChromEdit
* Tweak Network 1.0
* Bookmark Backup 0.3.3
* AniDisable 1.0
* Flashblock 1.3.2
* NoScript
* Yahoo! Toolbar
Themes (1)

* Firefox (default) 2.0 [selected]

Plugins (8)

* Java(TM) Plug-in 1.5.0_04-b05
* Shockwave for Director
* Adobe Reader 7.0
* Helix DNA Plugin: RealPlayer G2 Plug-In Compatible
* QuickTime Plug-in 6.0, Windows Media Player Plugin are supported by mplayerplug-in
* DjVuLibre-3.5.14
* Shockwave Flash
* VLC multimedia plugin

Waiting for 1.0.7 to make it's way into Debian Unstable. Although by the number of problems it seems to be causing in the Firefox forum I might just wait.

floppywhopper 09-24-2005 09:32 PM

I just answered a similar Q in Linux-General I think
Firefox is causing problems over many distros and windows
unexplained crashes etc
Use Mozilla ( now "1.7.11" I think )
Mozilla is more stable than Firefox


lefty.crupps 12-07-2005 03:17 PM

Just an update, the newest Fx that i have (I think the deb available right now is Fx1.5-rc3, which i have read is identical to the final release) STILL crashes on me often. No Talkback option, no reason given, it just closes all open Fx windows and leaves me feeling lonely.

bobbens 12-09-2005 01:53 PM

I'm using SID and am not having trouble with firefox, altough lately theyve renamed the package from mozilla-firefox to firefox and it now calls itself "Deer Park" for some wierd reason isntead of firefox, but it appears to be better then ever. This "Deer Park" AKA Firefox's fonts are really outstanding. Not having any trouble with crashes or tabs or plugins. Altough my thunderbird wont boot up for some reason and have to use mozilla for e-mail.

wolorf 12-09-2005 09:19 PM

I'm having the opposite problem as bobens. I'm running sid, with firefox at its latest version which is called 1.4.99+1.5rc3.dfsg-2. I get random crashes from time to time, with no warnings or anything, like lefty.crupps. So far I haven't been able to replicate the crash, but its definetly there for me. I'm only running adblock, so I doubt that extensions are the problem. I should probably start running firefox from a terminal, just to catch any output in case of another crash. And I must agree with bobbens, the fonts are quite nice compared to 1.0.7-1, which is what i was using for a long time since I didn't know that the package was renamed to just firefox.

divukman 12-10-2005 05:15 AM

I've had some problems after upgrade, I downgraded it ;(
Here's good extension, It saves your tabs and restores them next time you start firefox, , might help if your firefox crashes now and then.

lefty.crupps 12-15-2005 11:42 AM

What happens if one of the sites open is causeing the crash, divukman? then when i restart it is opening that page again, and...? crashing again?

divukman 12-15-2005 11:56 AM


Originally Posted by lefty.crupps
What happens if one of the sites open is causeing the crash, divukman? then when i restart it is opening that page again, and...? crashing again?

That's right, though I don't know if these issues have been dealt with in new releases. However, you can save your session while it's not crashing. That is great feature itself, imho :)

Tons of Fun 12-15-2005 01:53 PM

I am using Firefox on two Windows machines and my Debian box, and I am not having any trouble. I did download Deer Park on my laptop and it seems faster than 1.5.

nx5000 12-15-2005 03:31 PM

Same, no problem here in sid... only 2 or 3 extensions.

Tons of Fun 12-27-2005 08:59 PM

Since my post on December 15th, I have to say that I have started having a lot of stability problems with Firefox 1.5. When dealing with videos, or moving around certain Websites like Microsoft, Apple, and other larger Websites, Firefox freezes. Whenever I need to do any large downloads, or ftp uploads to my Websites, I have to use Internet Explorer on my Windows machine. I do have some extensions loaded, and I am uninstalling all of them to see if that works. If it does, I will install them back one at a time to see which one was the culprit and post back here what I find.


bobbens 12-28-2005 04:27 AM

I'm only using:
  • Adblock
  • ReloadEvery
as my extensions, and using a crystal theme (with black japana also installed). and as plugins i have:
  • File name:
    Shockwave Flash 7.0 r61
  • File name:
    Java(TM) Plug-in 1.5.0_06
and i have to say i have no problems at all with firefox (latest "firefox" package in SID). All my extensions and themes are up to date. Dunno if this helps anyone.

nx5000 01-12-2006 12:00 PM

Firefox 1.5.dfsg-4 with no extension is unstable
Ph34r the segfault

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