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harmattan 08-03-2007 03:27 PM

Annoying messages in consoles (F2 to F6)
:Pengy:Hi everybody,

I'm currently using Debian Etch, with the Gnome desktop, as my main option at home.
I'm experiencing a little problem that used to have also in Sarge: a lot of annoying system messages that fill my screen when using the virtual consoles F2 to F6 (it doesn't happen in the X consoles).
For what I have seen, the messages are mainly related to the net connection, or something similar. The MAC number of my network card appears frequently.
In Sarge, I used to get rid of those messages editing /etc/init.d/klogd and changing a line to tell the system to show only messages of levels 4 and up. In Etch that file has changed and I don't see where I could change that parameter.
I have also tried with the command

# klogd -c 4

but the only result I obtained is

klogd: Already running.

Reading the klogd man page doesn't solved my doubts.
Any ideas?

amishtechie 08-03-2007 07:17 PM

If you edit /etc/sysctl.conf you should be able to rid yourself of the low level messages.

harmattan 08-03-2007 08:02 PM

Solved! :-)
Thank you, amishtechie.
It has worked really well. My console is at last clean ;-)
This is the first time I have to tweak this file (/etc/sysctl.conf).

harmattan 08-04-2007 01:17 PM

By the way, here is a link I have found about the issue:

It explains some of the details from /etc/sysctl.conf concerning this problem.
Just in case it could be useful to somebody else...

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