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kuratkull 11-05-2006 01:54 AM

After upgrade, excessive RAM usage
I'm running Debian Etch on my box, but yesterday enabled the Sid repository and made ran "apt-get upgrade" from there.
Well, nothing seems to be broken, but my 'conky' shows constant RAM use on ~70% when I ust boot to the desktop
I have 512MB of RAM. Before the upgrade it was using ~100-200MB.
'Top' and 'System Monitor' don't show the hogging program(s).
I need suggestions, how to get the usage down.


kuratkull 11-05-2006 03:58 AM

The task panel load monitor shows that most of the RAM is used for cache :S How can i disable that.

syg00 11-05-2006 04:26 AM

You don't want to - do some searching, there must be thousands of threads on memory usage in Linux.

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