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Sheetal Stephen 03-16-2006 02:32 AM

which kernel version is supported my dsl ?
which is the kernel version supported by dsl ?

Does it support kernel 2.6 ?

thank you.


Simon Bridge 03-16-2006 03:30 AM


Will DSL ever use the 2.6 kernel? Has it even been considered?

There are currently no plans to move to a 2.6.x kernel, for the following reasons.

* The 2.6.x kernel is significantly bigger than the 2.4.x kernel, so it would cramp DSL's functionality.
* The 2.6.x kernel drops a lot of support for legacy technologies, hardware, etc, and we want to keep DSL functional on as much hardware as possible
* All major improvements that have occured to the 2.6.x tree have been, and are being backported to the 2.4.x tree, by a very active backporting team. And even though Linus said he would not participate in the backporting process this time, the demand for 2.4.x kernel maintenence is about the same as the demand for updates and improvements to the 2.6.x kernel, so even he has helped in the process, though not as much as what he does toward 2.6 development. For evidence of this activity, take a look at, where you can see, the 2.4.30 kernel was released, just a few days after 2.6.10.
... and this will be true for many small distros.

mikshaw 03-19-2006 06:55 PM

There has been some development with a 2.6 kernel from what I've heard, but it is at a very early stage and will not be available for a while. Since 2.6 has a larger footprint, I assume there will be much debate over which applications to include in order to keep it within the 50mb limit.

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