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mimimin 05-20-2016 01:15 AM

Uninstall DSL or its boot loader?
Hi all
I have installed DSL into HDD and now want to uninstall it temporarily because it's getting screwed up and not useful at the moment.
critical problem is that I can't edit menu thingy in /boot/grub.
and some other annoying problems...

There's one thread refer to uninstalling DSL but it seems the PC of the poster of it got broken by the way was given, I don't want to make mine scrap yet!

I think I need to delete DSL's Boot Loader and then delete DSL itself on other OS (WinXP for my case).
On the above thoughts, I tried to find how to delete the exact file I should do first, but couldn't.
If not, if I don't need to delete BL, how can I uninstall?
Or, I want to make the BL change to show "Windows" at the first line.

Thanks in advance.

jefro 05-20-2016 08:10 PM

You don't exactly need to uninstall as such. A few places on the hard drive may have some remnants.

If you just want to fix the xp loader then this. I used to use windows to fix the loader back to normal. You can do that a few ways. This is a common way.

mimimin 05-21-2016 07:37 AM

Thanks for reply, jefro.

Well... *sigh*
" Boot the computer from the installation CD "
Yeah I don't have such thing!! now seems I need to boot from a LiveCD or LiveUSB...

Actually my newer PC's HD got broken so had been keeping using older one, and knew the Linux then using it on both machine.
Made LiveUSB for newer machine on older XP machine, and then time to make another LiveUSB on newer to save old's a nice pay back.
Everyone who reading this, do make backup (CD) in at least a month! ok?

Thanks again, jefro.

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