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linus72 04-17-2009 03:45 PM

Special Edition DSL-SE-Embedded-4.4.10 USB with Persistent Qemu for Linux/Windows
I have made a Special DSL/Qemu where the DSL playing within Qemu can actually save MyDSL extensions/apps/wallpapers/etc-just like the real thing!
The VHD is approx. 256MB-plenty of room for MyDSL/backups.
The zipped download is only 55MB as the VHD compresses nicely!

Additionally-with the enclosed .sh/.bat files you can play Qemu from your Desktop/USB or while playing DSL via liveUSB!

So, you get both-the real DSL which resides on your USB and saves, and the Qemu DSL on your USB which also saves!

Note-you can run Qemu just by inserting the USB into your PC, no need to restart. Just double-click the .bat/.sh files and choose run.

From within the DSL running live off your USB-open a root terminal and "cd /cdrom" or "cd /mnt/sda1" and then "./" or "./" Bang!

Additionally-you'll love the Bathory wallpaper!

No need to have Qemu installed-it already is!
Download link-

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Use the Qemu Virtual DSL to setup a DSL server without restarting the PC.

Practice DSL app installs/remasters etc on the Virtual DSL, saving
your real DSL.

Note-don't try to install/partition the vhd's-it will destroy them...

Note-Apt and GNU-Utils not enabled-this is a "base" DSL with only the Qemu DSL having been setup with minimal apps/themes-but also no apt/gnu-utils enabled.

linus72 04-17-2009 08:20 PM

OK-I've now added a KIT with additional VHD's...
The kit contains one of each VHD-64MB/128MB/256MB/512MB/1GB
Plus Qemu, shell scripts/bat files, +syslinux folder and syslinux.cfg

Each VHD (64HD/128HD/etc) is totally interchangeable and compatible with each other. Either put one, two or three total of them on your USB or even your HD and just designate the absolute path to each by editing the appropriate script (,etc), like "restore=hdb mydsl=hdc/mydsl modules=hdd/mydsl/modules, etc.

So, make like 3 folders- hdb/hdc/hdd/ and rename each VHD "64HD=HDB", "512HD=HDE", or whatever.

You can have three TOTAL VHD's + DSL.

To really have fun and discover stuff ven I don't yet like 10 or more of these packages, install apps, partition the VHD's(it will probably destroy it), whatever.

The whole VHDZ folder compresses down from 1.9GB to only 10MB!!(VHDZ to
You can carry DSL/Qemu and 20 of the compressed VHDZ's on your 512MB USB and it would only be 252MB!!!
Have Fun!

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linus72 04-19-2009 04:48 PM

OK people-I made a short Youtube how-to that shows how my qemu-dsl-persistent save works, check it out....

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linus72 04-21-2009 04:56 AM

OK-I got the full kit uploaded here-
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