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burningsun1981 07-03-2005 08:35 PM

Running Xscreensaver at Startup
I have DSLinux installed and running on my harddrive.

I would like to have xscreensaver run automatically at startup. How do you make a program run at startup?

Also what do I delete in that .xinit file to stop the dsl html file from running when DSL starts. I dont know where to stop deleting, there are & and stuff I dont want to mess up the startup.

adssse 07-04-2005 02:04 AM

#To stop dillo page from loading at startup
edit .xinitrc
put '#' infront of the dillo line
save and exit

Here is what I found about xscreensaver for you:

Q: how do i make xscreensaver load on startup in my hdinstall.

A: here goes:
install the xscreensavergtk dsl, open scite and load up /home/dsl/.xinitrc, edit it and just above the "fluxbox" line add the line: "xscreensaver -nosplash&" (without the quotes but with the &).
ctrl-alt-del, startx and away you go.
you can use the menu item for xscreensaver in order to edit prefs.

Hope this helps.

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