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g-string 3 09-01-2004 10:55 AM

release candidate
which version is best for my system?

i ve downlaoaded 0.8 and 0.41 yet

mikshaw 09-01-2004 12:25 PM

There have been a few people with very old hardware saying they can't boot 0.8.0. I haven't had trouble with it personally.
I'd say try 0.8.0...if it doesn't work, 0.7.3 should be better. 0.4.1 is a little outdated...the more recent releases run just as fast, yet they have worthwhile improvements.

g-string 3 09-02-2004 06:40 AM

At first i ll try 0.8.

i ve just burnt the iso and looked inside the archives.

which file shall i take to make a boot-floppy? (i want to use rawrite2 for windows).
i am asking because the files are very little! (<300kb)

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