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davehateMS 10-22-2007 09:49 PM

load current DSL info onto usb stick
Just to make sure. I have DSL (Frugal) on my home desktop. If I load DSL and all my saved info onto a USB stick, can I use it on a laptop.
The laptop is for work and I would like to mess around with it, but not affect it in anyway.
So, by using the memory stick, I can boot from usb and have my desktop DSL load onto my laptop, right?

ahedler 10-23-2007 12:44 AM

That should work fine
I downloaded a DSL load on a USB flash drive from their website and was able to either boot from it or insert it while Windoze was running and have DSL come up in a window that was a full DSL environment, network and all. Should be easy to get from the DSL site. Sorry I don't have the URL just at the moment for the flash drive load.


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