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kagrecu 06-03-2005 10:27 AM

lilo and ntldr
here's one i'm trying to iron out.....i have my box dual booted with dsl and xp (partitioned on one drive). when at work, there are times when i'll run dsl, and other times when i need to boot xp. in this quest, i've hit a's the scenario.....
i had lilo in my mbr and could run dsl, and could switch the lilo default to boot to xp, but then i don't know how to get back to dsl (i tried mounting my xp partition rw but could not edit/save files, i get read-only partition messages). i took lilo out of the mbr and put it in root partition, then set xp as the lilo default. great..but.. once lilo was in the root partition and i chose to boot xp, lilo handed booting off to ntldr. if the ntldr default (from boot.ini) was xp, great i can get there, but if it was c:\bootsect.lnx (file containing my info to boot back to linux from xp, which works successfully) it would loop right back to dsl. keep in mind, i'm accessing the machine from work and cannot be there to choose the boot option from lilo. now the can i give myself the option of booting one system, AND have the option to go back and boot the other system? have i confused you, or just me :-)

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