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java and DSL
I can't seem to get DSL to talk to my broad band router yet so i download from the DSL repository in windows and then copy to a pen drive.

downloaded jre1_5_0.tar.gz and unpacked with winzip to jre1_5_0.tar

downloaded xmahjongg.tar.gz and unpacked with winzip to xmahjongg.tar

copied all four to the myDSL/optional folder < do not know which the myDSl loader prefers.>

when i rmb the dsl desktop/Install optional Extensions/Xmahjongg
i get the Xmahjongg icon.

when i rmb the dsl desktop/Install optional Extensions/jrel1_5_0

when i open a terminal window and enter java i get bash: java: command not found

my question is:What can i do to install the java and javac commands much like mahjong meaning it installs only when i install it as an optional extension? replies are welcome

Thanks for your time and effort !

jay73 01-13-2008 05:35 AM

Well, you would have to put the path to your jre at the bottom of your /home/username/.bash_profile or your /etc/profile. Something like this:
export J2RE_HOME=/path/to/jre/bin
This will not work straightaway; log out if you use bash_profile or simply use this command (must be root) in the other case: source /etc/profile.

You can also set it up just for the duration of a session by starting up a terminal and entering:
export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/your/jre/bin
e.g. export PATH=$PATH:/opt/jre1.6.0_04/bin

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