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avD,ZeeK 10-24-2007 08:52 AM

Installing GRUB and mounting my HDD on DSL thru USB?
Hi, I am using DSL 3.4.3 Have installed it in Portable Hard Disk!!
Following are my tasks:

1). To install GRUB on my DSL which I have installed in my portable hard disk(80GB). I have 1 primary partition of 2.8 GB in which the booting image is present. Rest about 72 GB is unallocated. I want to use this portable HDD in such a way that I can Insert it newhere in USB and start accessing my OS. Also I want a Boot Loader to Come First so that its upto me wether I can go to USB-DSL or ne other OS present on system I am working!

2). I want to use my unallocated 72 GB in such a way that the file system becomes FAT32 or FAT and I can access those files from Windows Also! I want to work on DSL and want to store the data in that unallocated(so far) region. Tell Me how to format that part and mount it on my DSL as I boot.

3). I want to auto mount the drives of the system I am working! How can I do that in DSL(rather L)..Do I have method to identify what all /dev/hd* is being used as drives in current system!!!!

ZeeK :)
PS : I have one more problem related to PS/2 Mouse whose details are given in other thread!

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