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Javahulk 04-18-2005 10:46 AM

How to update all the outdated software with apt??
Iv got an HD install of DSL and I need to update most of the software on it. The apt sources dont seem to have anywhere close to the newest versions, so im forced doing them all by hand =(.

Can anyone tell me if theres a list of updated sources for apt or if theres some other way to do a large system update?


linuxboy123 04-18-2005 11:14 AM


Have you ever thought about using rsync?
You can keep your packages up to date with it.
It will only grab the files that have changed since your last rysnc.

Also in most mirrors, there is a Packages file under the main, contrib and non-contrib dirs
under the /pub/debian/dists/<version>/<arch>/
If you really wanted to gather that info from it you could get those three files, cat them into
one and then just grep out the word "Package" which should give all of the official package names
for the whole os.

those are my thoughts.

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