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t.mwalimu 07-31-2014 12:46 PM

How to setup IP addresses for two machine to talk to each other
What is a good ip address that I can make up for a small network of two machines both of the machines has a ethernet card. I read that I could get an IP address from the Network information center but that is far beyond the scope of what I wish to do. I will not be using the internet for the network I'm using Damn Small linux

szboardstretcher 07-31-2014 12:51 PM

If you have two machines on a switch together,. then you can set them to a standard 2-host /31 network mask:

machine1: (
machine2: (

They will only be able to communicate with one another.

If you want room for more hosts, you can move to a larger more standard subnet like a standard /28 which gives you:

Netmask: /28

jefro 07-31-2014 09:35 PM

From DSL wiki.

ifconfig eth0
ifup eth0
is the commands you'd use.
The is almost any of two numbers from private IP ranges.
Is the common three subnets for IPv4. The subnets in these examples don't even have to be followed.

In reality if they don't have a gateway IP address or not connected to the internet, then you can use any two IP addresses you want. A gateway address would not be needed for your lan subnet just to talk between two computers.

There ways to go way beyond this too.

fatmac 09-21-2014 05:31 AM

For 2 computers you could use a crossover cable, no switch needed, just use ssh/scp or rsync between them.

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