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MT_Keg 08-29-2009 10:03 AM

Help with installing octave and removing unneeded programs
I am interested in using damn small linux with Octave and GNUplot. I can access apt-get install octave2.0 and apt-get install gnuplot. but where does it install to? I have setup DSL as a Frugal install on my on hda1, swap on hda2, and home on hda3. I want to install it all on hda3

There are also a number of programs that I don't need how do i go about uninstalling them?


neonsignal 08-30-2009 08:50 PM

Program binaries will install to places like /usr/bin.

However, the frugal install of damn small linux is really not meant to be used this way; the frugal install is typically used as a backup or minimal operating system, and at best you would add applications using the extensions system, downloading them to hda3.

If you actually want to have a more featured install and use apt-get, you should chose the normal install; this will mean that everything (except the swap) can be in the same large partition.

You are no doubt aware that DSL is aimed at being very minimal. You could also look at DSL-N from the same site (which uses a kernel from the current 2.6 series), or even at a Debian install, unless you are really short on memory or permanent drive space.

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