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Aijaz Akhtar 07-25-2005 02:12 AM

DSL on Hard Disk
I do not know if there is a way that you can install a Live CD directly on hard disk and without installation version. I would like to install damn Small Linux this way. I have iso of Live version.

adssse 07-25-2005 07:33 AM

I am not exactly sure if this is what you are looking for, so if I am off base please forgive me, but it sounds like you may be looking at a poormans install. This invloves copying over the /knoppix/knoppix to your hardrive and using a floppy to boot. Here is some info.;t=5087;st=0

If you are willing to setup partitions and do more of an install I recommend a Frugal Install.
Here is some explanation of it.;hl=cdrom

Here is a pdf of how to install. damnsmall/current/pdfdocs/FrugalHowto.pdf

g-string 3 08-15-2005 04:16 PM

it's very easy. After bootup you have an menu entry which starts a script.

Another possibility is doing it in the terminal. It is described in a "getting started" guide which is being started after bootup automatically.

I did a hd-install. It's great

allinux 08-17-2005 11:04 AM

Now I m connected on NET I want to know the performance of NET as I
feel I m getting a tad slow than I need to montor do u
know any process of it...

I am convinced tht Linux is any times better than My pc
suffers time and agin by the updates tht r so messy on windows
update....It mks the start up process in Windows a pain ....a pain
in the neck........NOw to the point...
I need to install the DSL on HDD the mount is showing as /mnt/hdc1
for my C:=\ (NTFS) which has XP....
IInd Partition is D:\ FAT32
IIIrd Partition is unpartitioned Space of 8 GB......... so how to
install Linux on this partition ....also the documentation of DSL
talks abt that the disk needs to be formatted..which I cannot
any how to go abt installing Frugal DSL....also
Linux does not recognise this unpartioned space on my PC
currently....ccan u tell me the difference abt the this hdc1 hdc5
adn why it is so..I hv only one HDD and primary is
called...Plz guide me on this....

g-string 3 08-17-2005 11:17 AM

My english is not so good and I cannot understand some things you wrote.
So please try to use more "form" what also is much friendlier for my eyes.

to see and prepare the third partition use "cfdisk".
e.g. "sudo cfdisk /dev/hda" for your first hdd

The first partition in your system is not hdc1. Maybe (considering your fstab) it is mounted as /mnt/hdc1 but that's only a name of a folder.
The first physical partition (primary partition on first hdd) is /dev/hda1.

allinux 08-18-2005 05:12 AM

Thanx for the reply g-string 3....To the point query is...
How to install DSL Live Cd on the 8 GB partition already created without affecting and refomatting C:\ (NTFS) D:\ (FAT32) partitions....??

I m planning to do Frugal Install and the 'HOWTO' says u need to do a format for hard disk...I m comfortable on tht...So how to do the Install of this Live CD on HDD so tht Every setting of my is stored on HDD and possibly I can hv Multi boot like hving Win 98 and Win XP???....But I need to install Linux on the unpartioned space.....
Hopefully my post is not string ure Eyes...Linux strains my eyes though....any hopefully u hv got the queries right...

g-string 3 08-18-2005 06:46 AM

You have one HDD, right?
If this was my HDD, I would do the following

1) start the dsl live cd
2) open xterminal
3) type "sudo cfdisk /dev/hda"
4) still in cfdisk create a new partition out of the unpartitioned disk space (primary / type Linux / as large as you want to have it) without touching the other ones.
5) still in cfdisk create a new partition out of the unpartitioned disk space (logical / type swap / 512 MB should be more than enough)
6) still in cfdisk write the changes
7) exit cfdisk
8) sudo reboot
9) open xterminal
10) Open cfdisk again and remember the device name of your linux partition
11) exit cfdisk
12) sudo mkfs.ext2 /dev/hdax (the partition (your new Linux partition) you want to write a filesystem on)
13) voila you have a formatted linux partition

sudo mkfs.ext3 should be possible, too (the older versions like DSL 0.8.0 do not support it from startup)

If you have important data on your machine you will be better doing a backup first.
That's the way I do it.

allinux 08-25-2005 08:16 AM

G string....My system strangely puts HDD in hdc and hda whereas frugal installs on hda1 plz help..I hv installed on Hard drive on hdc4 but hdc5 is a swap partition which I beleive is nopt used...but the real How to dual boot XP and Linux...When Linux installs It messes up tghe MBR so Windows does not boot and when Linux installs it does not allow XP to boot....Also my Windows is installed on NTFS so modifying bootsector.lnx is not working...

g-string 3 08-25-2005 10:45 AM

Please show the output of cfdisk.

Considering the bootloader I have not had any problems yet.

What dou you mean:
- /mnt/hdc
- /dev/hdc

allinux 08-26-2005 05:47 AM

Dual Boot
the disk is identified by Secondary Master not as primary master in BIOS...PM the /dev/hda is /dev/hdc1,2,3,,4,5.....I do not know how to print screen from cfdisk and paste it on the web....The real queston how to get the system recognise the Hard drive as hda and not hdc

How to configure DSL to dual boot with XP after XP is installed
Both XP and Linxu are installing welll.

How to make DSL run from hard drive and not occupy more than 32 MB of RAM....presently it uses 80 MB...which i feel it shld not...

I use Damn small linux.. 1.4 Live CD... I hv installed to hard disk i.e.

Plz give step by step precise directions as u did for Partitioning was very helpful...and cld install

I cld not install Frugal or GRUb as it wanted HDD as primary Master (hda) and notSecondary master..(hdc)..

My HP printer 610C is also not installing as drivers r not needs to dwnld from somewher..

Plz helllllllllllllllllpppppppppppppppppppp

g-string 3 08-26-2005 06:06 AM

80MB Ram usage is too much. After startup it should not take more than 20-30MB.

Concerning the printer have a look at

allinux 08-26-2005 06:07 AM

can u comeon in chat...abt the dual boot and BIOS detection of HDD...Primary master and secondary master??

g-string 3 08-26-2005 06:22 AM

DSL detects your HDD as it is (It IS hdc->secondary). That's it. If you need hda you will need to change your setup to primary master.

allinux 08-26-2005 06:24 AM

so how to do it??
change my setup to primary master??
how to make a dual boot with XP

g-string 3 08-26-2005 07:02 AM

To get hda -> change to primary master

To get dual boot!
Win32 is reckless and overrides the MBR. To get back into Linux after a new Win32 install you have to chroot what is not as easy for me as a neewbie. If you have the choice:

First install Win32
Then install Linux

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