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nygeek05 11-13-2005 07:40 PM

Booting From CD Inside Windows
I was woundering if there was a way where I could just pop the cd in, make a shortcut somewhere, and in that shortcut, have windows terminate and when that happens spawn DSL.

fatrandy13 11-15-2005 08:12 AM

theres a program called vmware that lets you boot up an operating system inside windows... its available on liunx as may be able to find open source alternatvies like QEMU ...but it is a really great program.....i'm not supporting piracy, but you can find vmware on bittorrent search engines on the internet for free, though illegal...

spyghost 11-15-2005 07:42 PM

qemu seems to be buggy and still unstable under the windows platform

pljvaldez 12-21-2005 06:09 PM

You may want to try Cooperative Linux (I would post the link, but this is my first and I'm currently banned from linking :newbie: ). I have it running on top of XP, and it has full internet access by utilizing XP's shared connection feature. There are also several different distro's available (Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, I think). I'm not sure how much work would be needed to get DSL to work or whether you could just strip down a Debian install...

Nathan1993 12-21-2005 08:27 PM

Yes, there is. Creat a shortcut to the .bat as you always would, then go to properties and check "Run in MS-DOS mode" or something of the sort...

Damned Microshit...

pljvaldez 12-30-2005 01:30 PM

I've never used it, but I also found a program called LOADLIN.EXE that supposedly allows you to boot Linux from within windows...

xfatcat 01-03-2006 07:31 AM

VMWare have got a free player so you don't need a fully fledged copy of VMWare to run a guest OS. Then all you need is a DSL image which someone has already created.
This is all free and its a great way of testing DSL stuff under windows (if you've got the memory, etc).

Links -
VMplayer download
DSL image;t=9288;st=5

Emmanuel_uk 01-04-2006 02:01 AM

Was googling about dsl and windows, found this thread,
so here are 2 tutorials based on the qemu solution.
I hope this can add to the topic.

About dsl

More general

xfatcat 01-06-2006 08:27 AM

Interesting stuff. I use VMWare at work to try things out in different linux/unix snapshots. Also, our products need to be tested across platforms. It is extremely useful but really comes down to how many platforms are adequately supported and they've got to be stable.

At first glance looks like QEMU supports more platforms but I would expect more development to have gone into it. The usual suspects.

Has anyone got any more evidence?

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