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jborges 11-21-2003 02:22 PM

Fdisk or Druid on boot disk
I just installed Conectiva 9 without any other system.

During the installation process the system asked me a blank diskett to form my boot diskett.

Is it possible to put Fdisk or Druid on this disk and after boot from the diskett, perform partitioning in my HD??


Julio Borges
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.

clangen 11-23-2003 04:19 PM

I'm not sure if it is not on that diskette already... if not... you should use another diskette.. but since you live in Brazil... I would give Kurumim a try.. Its a mini-distro on a mini-CD and runs directly from the CD.
you can download it from and it is faster and easier to work with than diskettes.

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