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On behalf of the entire team, I'd like to wish you a happy, healthy and safe Holiday Season.

We're looking for feedback on how we can improve the current Helpful system at LQ. We've made some temporary changes, but are interested to hear how you think the system can be improved long term. Visit to join the current discussion. As with many changes that occur at LQ, this discussion was started by member feedback. If you any suggestions or feedback for us, please visit and let us know.

Would you like to help and the greater Linux community? The LQ Wiki is a collaboratively built knowledge base for all things Linux and Open Source related. All content is available under an Open Source license. Because the site is a wiki, anyone can help the site grow. That means sharing your knowledge with the Linux community has never been easier. Whether you have a great tip to share, would like to improve the entry for your favorite application or are able to help improve spelling/grammar - your contributions really do make a difference. Head to and make an edit today.


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Today's Date: 12-14-2011

Activity since: 12-01-2011

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Title: "Fedora 15 Slow Wired Ethernet Connection To Internet" (Date Posted 12-14-2011 by GenePoole59)
o 0 Replies, 0 Views, Last Post: 11:50 AM, 12-14-2011 by GenePoole59

Title: "Feedback now only has "Yes" option for did you find this post helpful?" (Date Posted 12-14-2011 by MensaWater)
o 1 Replies, 24 Views, Last Post: 11:40 AM, 12-14-2011 by jeremy

Title: "Can I change the permissions of /etc/fstab to 640?" (Date Posted 12-14-2011 by rayfinkle)
o 1 Replies, 24 Views, Last Post: 11:47 AM, 12-14-2011 by acid_kewpie

Title: "FC16 x86_64 - Radeon display connector DVI-D-1: No monitor connected or invalid EDID" (Date Posted 12-14-2011 by coolsg5636)
o 0 Replies, 29 Views, Last Post: 11:04 AM, 12-14-2011 by coolsg5636

Title: "installing a usb wireless RaLink RT2870" (Date Posted 12-14-2011 by Donovanf)
o 0 Replies, 5 Views, Last Post: 11:03 AM, 12-14-2011 by Donovanf

Title: "How to take a screenshot with /dev/fb0" (Date Posted 12-14-2011 by raypen)
o 0 Replies, 31 Views, Last Post: 11:00 AM, 12-14-2011 by raypen

-- Threads with no replies yet --

Title: "Samba issue with active directory" (Date Posted 12-14-2011 by sirtcp)
o 31 Views

Title: "syslog syntax" (Date Posted 12-14-2011 by Foobsy)
o 10 Views

Title: "Samba issue" (Date Posted 12-14-2011 by sirtcp)
o 40 Views

Title: "linux Device Driver Testing" (Date Posted 12-14-2011 by prgaju)
o 62 Views

Title: "adding new policy to the kernel" (Date Posted 12-14-2011 by mIXpRo)
o 77 Views

Title: "ip scanners" (Date Posted 12-14-2011 by memanemanoj)
o 87 Views

-- Threads with the most views --

Title: "bash shell script read file line by line." (Date Posted 01-20-2004 by Darren[UoW])
o 798622 Views, 45 Replies, Last Post: 03:04 AM, 11-06-2011 by Ramurd

Title: "Learn the DD command" (Date Posted 09-11-2005 by AwesomeMachine)
o 769491 Views, 719 Replies, Last Post: 11:59 PM, 11-20-2011 by AwesomeMachine

-- Threads with the most replies --

Title: "What programs would you like to see ported to Linux?" (Date Posted 10-19-2003 by jeremy)
o 4659 Replies, 609630 Views, Last Post: 02:52 PM, 12-08-2011 by Samotnik

Title: "MLB.TV in Linux" (Date Posted 04-06-2006 by Fugazi)
o 3448 Replies, 334108 Views, Last Post: 05:12 PM, 10-17-2011 by fbufkin


Question: What Filesystem?
o 'Ext2 ' (5 Votes)
o 'Ext3 ' (9 Votes)
o 'Ext4 ' (16 Votes)
o 'Reiser4 ' (0 Votes)
o 'Reiserfs ' (3 Votes)
o 'xfs ' (1 Votes)
o 'btfs ' (0 Votes)
o 'Jfs ' (4 Votes)
o 'Ext ' (0 Votes)
o 'GFS ' (0 Votes)
o 'Other' (3 Votes)
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Question: Most Stable
o 'Slackware ' (9 Votes)
o 'Debian' (1 Votes)
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Question: Slackware Current?
o 'Yes ' (49 Votes)
o 'No' (39 Votes)
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Question: Favorite Text Editor
o 'Emacs ' (5 Votes)
o 'Vi ' (3 Votes)
o 'Vim ' (7 Votes)
o 'Pico ' (0 Votes)
o 'nano ' (3 Votes)
o 'ed ' (0 Votes)
o 'Gedit ' (5 Votes)
o 'IDE ' (0 Votes)
o 'Bluefish ' (0 Votes)
o 'Other (no windows or mac only)' (0 Votes)
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Question: Favorite DE/WM
o 'KDE ' (20 Votes)
o 'Gnome ' (4 Votes)
o 'Xfce ' (12 Votes)
o 'Lxde ' (4 Votes)
o 'Twm ' (0 Votes)
o 'Fluxbox ' (9 Votes)
o 'Awesome ' (1 Votes)
o 'Pekwm ' (0 Votes)
o 'Enlightenment ' (2 Votes)
o 'Openbox ' (4 Votes)
o 'Mate ' (0 Votes)
o 'Trinity ' (1 Votes)
o 'Icewm ' (2 Votes)
o 'ROX ' (1 Votes)
o 'Blackbox ' (0 Votes)
o 'Ratposion ' (0 Votes)
o 'EDE ' (0 Votes)
o 'Other' (3 Votes)
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