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Today's Date: 03-14-2011

Activity since: 03-01-2011

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-- Threads posted most recently --

Title: "installing tcl/tk for use in c++" (Date Posted 03-14-2011 by HiredGun555)
o 0 Replies, 4 Views, Last Post: 10:20 PM, 03-14-2011 by HiredGun555

Title: "Set up Ubuntu 10 Server for Remote LAN PPTP Passthrough" (Date Posted 03-14-2011 by QuantumDot)
o 0 Replies, 4 Views, Last Post: 10:19 PM, 03-14-2011 by QuantumDot

Title: "KANNEL UBUNTU,somebody can help me?" (Date Posted 03-14-2011 by guysadan)
o 0 Replies, 7 Views, Last Post: 10:17 PM, 03-14-2011 by guysadan

Title: "array issues in PERL" (Date Posted 03-14-2011 by monkeyorhunter)
o 1 Replies, 52 Views, Last Post: 10:28 PM, 03-14-2011 by Sergei Steshenko

Title: "Setting up my wireless card?" (Date Posted 03-14-2011 by kerbyjonsonjr)
o 0 Replies, 40 Views, Last Post: 09:06 PM, 03-14-2011 by kerbyjonsonjr

Title: "java on a laptop" (Date Posted 03-14-2011 by buttonsbabies)
o 0 Replies, 40 Views, Last Post: 09:00 PM, 03-14-2011 by buttonsbabies

-- Threads with no replies yet --

Title: "Help with wifi in Suse 11.0" (Date Posted 03-14-2011 by cueman)
o 38 Views

Title: "Redhat HPC - Java extension to communicate with the HPC" (Date Posted 03-14-2011 by ktamilvanan)
o 21 Views

Title: "stlplus" (Date Posted 03-14-2011 by hectorDUQUE)
o 57 Views

Title: "Renaming variables in a list" (Date Posted 03-14-2011 by Angeline)
o 40 Views

Title: "How To Get Contacts In Kaddressbook To Be Seen When Writing An E-mail?" (Date Posted 03-14-2011 by Harpo)
o 68 Views

Title: "Activate PHP extension for SQLite" (Date Posted 03-14-2011 by smithy2010)
o 58 Views

-- Threads with the most views --

Title: "Learn the DD command" (Date Posted 09-11-2005 by AwesomeMachine)
o 638642 Views, 677 Replies, Last Post: 03:40 PM, 03-03-2011 by frogdos

Title: "bash shell script read file line by line." (Date Posted 01-20-2004 by Darren[UoW])
o 603025 Views, 29 Replies, Last Post: 03:20 PM, 03-14-2011 by jthan24

-- Threads with the most replies --

Title: "What programs would you like to see ported to Linux?" (Date Posted 10-19-2003 by jeremy)
o 4411 Replies, 576443 Views, Last Post: 02:35 PM, 03-14-2011 by _-Robin-_

Title: "MLB.TV in Linux" (Date Posted 04-06-2006 by Fugazi)
o 3187 Replies, 287537 Views, Last Post: 03:37 PM, 03-13-2011 by etamme


Question: For DNS
o 'I have no idea what my computer uses. ' (0 Votes)
o 'I use my ISP's DNS and I like NXDOMAIN hijacking. ' (0 Votes)
o 'I use my ISP's DNS and I do not like NXDOMAIN hijacking. ' (0 Votes)
o 'I run my own DNS cache on my LAN. ' (2 Votes)
o 'I run my own DNS server on my LAN. ' (0 Votes)
o 'I run my own DNS server and DNS cache on my LAN. ' (1 Votes)
o 'I run an authoritative server on the WAN side and DNS cache on the LAN. ' (0 Votes)
o 'I don't care about DNS.' (0 Votes)
View Poll Results:

Question: Is code signing important enough to worry about?
o 'Critically important. I would not run a system with unsigned packages. ' (5 Votes)
o 'Somewhat important. I'll use unsigned code if I have to. ' (3 Votes)
o 'Not very important, but might be nice to have. ' (0 Votes)
o 'Not at all. I don't need or want my distro to have signed packages. ' (0 Votes)
o 'What is this about? I don't know or care.' (1 Votes)
View Poll Results:

Question: Which distro should I use??
o 'Fedora 14 ' (1 Votes)
o 'OpenBSD ' (1 Votes)
o 'Other' (2 Votes)
View Poll Results:

Question: Do you use sudo or the root account to gain root privileges?
o 'sudo ' (17 Votes)
o 'log in as root' (23 Votes)
View Poll Results:

Question: What flags do you pass to pacman to install new software?
o 'pacman -S ' (8 Votes)
o 'pacman -Sy' (5 Votes)
View Poll Results:

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