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I'd like to remind all members about two new features we recently added to LQ. First, you are now able to mark a thread as [Solved] by clicking "Mark this thread as solved" under "Thread Tools". The thread will remain open, but this will let other members who are having a similar issue know your thread contains a solution. Second, if you find a post has helped you, remember to click Yes next to "Did you find this post helpful?". After receiving a minimum number of Yes votes, the most helpful post in a thread will be highlighted.

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A reminder that answering threads with no replies is a great way to help your fellow LQ members. Visit to get a list of Zero Reply Threads, or add to your feed reader. You can also sign up for the Zero Reply Email by visiting the Options section of MyLQ.


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Title: "Ubuntu 10.04 - Suddenly /dev/video0 Fails to open" (Date Posted 09-14-2010 by Linux31)
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Title: "LQ being hammered?" (Date Posted 09-14-2010 by dugan)
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Title: "My domain name as my IRC hostname?" (Date Posted 09-14-2010 by SentralOrigin)
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Title: "How i can do disable support SMBus for kernel?" (Date Posted 09-14-2010 by wertum)
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Title: "How to create a shared storage for 2 VM machine using iscsi target(VM)" (Date Posted 09-14-2010 by cshanmug)
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Title: "Unable to get nfsd port number from server" (Date Posted 09-14-2010 by j32)
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Title: "get_user_pages question" (Date Posted 09-14-2010 by nakul.k1)
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Title: "nm-applet timeout" (Date Posted 09-14-2010 by arunvk)
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Title: "Can files/directories have Greek characters? If I select English when install Linux" (Date Posted 09-14-2010 by abefroman)
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Title: "What speed to expect from RAID 5?" (Date Posted 09-14-2010 by Skaperen)
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Title: "LAN Configuration on Dell D400 with Suse11.0" (Date Posted 09-14-2010 by MAB)
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Title: "Learn the DD command" (Date Posted 09-11-2005 by AwesomeMachine)
o 551231 Views, 652 Replies, Last Post: 08:53 PM, 09-07-2010 by exvor

Title: "What programs would you like to see ported to Linux?" (Date Posted 10-19-2003 by jeremy)
o 550056 Views, 4276 Replies, Last Post: 12:43 PM, 09-13-2010 by rahulkya

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Title: "MLB.TV in Linux" (Date Posted 04-06-2006 by Fugazi)
o 3101 Replies, 261877 Views, Last Post: 06:06 PM, 09-06-2010 by mkomko

Title: "The Ultimate "When Will The Next Slackware Release Arrive" MegaThread" (Date Posted 04-12-2006 by slackamp)
o 1429 Replies, 120013 Views, Last Post: 06:47 AM, 10-03-2006 by XavierP


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Question: Question or background ?
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