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Today's Date: 07-14-2008

Activity since: 07-01-2008

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-- Threads posted most recently --

Title: "How to enable text color to differentiate files and directories?" (Date Posted 07-14-2008 by Akhran)
o 0 Replies, 0 Views, Last Post: 09:20 PM, 07-14-2008 by Akhran

Title: "Get "input irq status -71 received" when usb device plug out" (Date Posted 07-14-2008 by masue)
o 0 Replies, 0 Views, Last Post: 09:17 PM, 07-14-2008 by masue

Title: "Dial up configuration in SUSE 11" (Date Posted 07-14-2008 by madhumt)
o 0 Replies, 0 Views, Last Post: 09:15 PM, 07-14-2008 by madhumt

Title: "sound stopped working after installing totem on fedora 9" (Date Posted 07-14-2008 by Levethix)
o 0 Replies, 11 Views, Last Post: 08:56 PM, 07-14-2008 by Levethix

Title: "dummy.c" (Date Posted 07-14-2008 by AlanScott)
o 0 Replies, 5 Views, Last Post: 08:45 PM, 07-14-2008 by AlanScott

Title: "selinux refuses to let me add ports" (Date Posted 07-14-2008 by maestro52)
o 0 Replies, 12 Views, Last Post: 08:20 PM, 07-14-2008 by maestro52

-- Threads with no replies yet --

Title: "My wlan0 switch automaticaly to another ESSID" (Date Posted 07-14-2008 by david7333)
o 15 Views

Title: "Is DamnSmallLinux configurable?" (Date Posted 07-14-2008 by asilentmurmur)
o 21 Views

Title: "PCRE problems - how to get the info" (Date Posted 07-14-2008 by vargadanis)
o 27 Views

Title: "Screen Command with Bash Scripting" (Date Posted 07-14-2008 by inthecrossfire)
o 34 Views

Title: "pcre upgrade on centos 4.6" (Date Posted 07-14-2008 by marcin77)
o 23 Views

Title: "Seadragon?" (Date Posted 07-14-2008 by madsrh)
o 31 Views

-- Threads with the most views --

Title: "This is how I do it all" (Date Posted 04-25-2004 by shilo)
o 323735 Views, 558 Replies, Last Post: 09:22 PM, 06-04-2008 by muxsu

Title: "What programs would you like to see ported to Linux?" (Date Posted 10-19-2003 by jeremy)
o 305429 Views, 3274 Replies, Last Post: 01:25 PM, 07-14-2008 by smd0665

-- Threads with the most replies --

Title: "The Ultimate "When Will The Next Slackware Release Arrive" MegaThread" (Date Posted 04-12-2006 by slackamp)
o 1429 Replies, 106152 Views, Last Post: 06:47 AM, 10-03-2006 by XavierP

Title: "What games would you like to see ported to Linux?" (Date Posted 10-19-2003 by jeremy)
o 1127 Replies, 112167 Views, Last Post: 05:07 AM, 07-14-2008 by Vizoros


Question: would you like to see linux become more mainstream?
o 'Yes' (6 Votes)
o 'No' (3 Votes)
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Question: Password management - how do you do it?
o 'One password for everything' (0 Votes)
o 'I have a limited list of passwords from which I choose when need arises' (9 Votes)
o 'For each new occasion I generate a totally new password' (2 Votes)
o 'Other (please specify)' (0 Votes)
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Question: What do you think about KDE4?
o 'It's good...!' (12 Votes)
o 'It's bad...!' (6 Votes)
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Question: What is best Linux for newbies?
o 'Ubuntu' (67 Votes)
o 'openSUSE' (19 Votes)
o 'Fedora' (10 Votes)
o 'Debian' (3 Votes)
o 'Mandriva' (16 Votes)
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