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The year is almost over, and as a result we're doing some maintenance at LQ. As part of that maintenance we're going to be pruning inactive members. How do you ensure that your account doesn't get removed? First, we never remove accounts that have posts associated with them. If you've never made a post, this is a great time to do so. Avoiding deletion is even easier than that though. We only remove accounts that have been inactive for an extremely long time. If you haven't logged into LQ in over a year and would like to make sure you're account isn't removed, simply login any time in the next 10 days. If you haven't been to the site in a while, I think you'll find a vast number of improvements have been made since you've been gone.

Did you know LQ had a social bookmarking section? LQ bookmarks ( ) allows you to bookmark, tag, annotate and share links to Open Source and Linux related sites. It also allows you to access your bookmarks from any browser on any machine. In addition, the section allows you to get a quick overview of what's currently popular in the community and get an early heads up on new Open Source resources.

On the topic of tags, LQ has fully supported tags for a few months. The feature is now stable and I'd encourage you to tag posts whenever possible. Tags allow you to easily classify and find information. Visit for more information on LQ tags. We'll be rolling out some exciting new tag-related features in the near future, and the more posts that are tagged the more useful the feature will be.


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Question: MSI products crash on FreeBSD?
o 'Yes!!!' (1 Votes)
o 'Nope.' (0 Votes)
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Question: Thinclient or NFS?
o 'Thinclient' (0 Votes)
o 'NFS' (0 Votes)
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Question: OverClocking (OC) your Linux box Hardware. CPU, Mem settings (CAS, RP etc), GPU
o 'I OverClock everything, understand why/how, provide Xtra cooling. BM new settings, reports' (5 Votes)
o 'OC most stuff, understand problems, but do not provide any extra cooling. Stock HSF only, etc.' (1 Votes)
o 'Would like to OC, but have little understanding how to or methods for providing cooling.' (1 Votes)
o 'I do not OC anything as I do not understand how, or why extra cooling may be required.' (1 Votes)
o 'My mainboard BIOS does not allow any OverClock settings, 3rd party programs do not work' (1 Votes)
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Question: tar to rpm conversion
o 'tar to rpm conversion' (3 Votes)
o 'access windows partition in full access mode' (1 Votes)
o 'howto squid' (1 Votes)
o 'howto pop3/smtp mailsever' (0 Votes)
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Question: Which Disto??? [read the post first]
o 'Suse' (7 Votes)
o 'Fedora Core' (17 Votes)
o 'Slackware' (25 Votes)
o 'Mandrake' (7 Votes)
o 'Solaris' (0 Votes)
o 'Ubuntu/Kubuntu' (26 Votes)
o 'Other [Specify]' (17 Votes)
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