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cage_tt 11-13-2017 06:06 PM

Samba shares for groups in CentOS7
Hi All,
This is my maiden post to the forum, and with this, I leap into my love for Linux.I am having some problems with respect to Samba in CentOS7.
I have no problem configuring samba shares for individual users to access. They work perfectly fine when accessed as a mapped drive in windows, and samba username and password entered.

The problem I am having is with Samba shares for groups.
Here's an excerpt of my smb.conf under my share definitions:

path = /samba/marketing
browseable = yes
writable = yes
guest ok = no
valid users = @marketing

Now, I am new to Samba, but I did take a course in CentOS7 to refresh my Linux and get up to speed. I basically followed this tutorial, though debian in an attempt to get this working. Link here:

The problem is when I use my windows 10 machine to map the share "marketing", when I enter a valid samba username and password of a group member belonging to the Linux group marketing, I get the error:
"You do not have permission to access \\\marketing\. Contact your network administrator to request access"

Please note that I have setup and enabled, a Linux user called varin. varin has been added to the Linux group called marketing. varin is also a user I created as a samba user and I gave the user the same password as the Linux password for the same user. These commands have also been run:
sudo chgrp marketing /samba/marketing
​sudo chmod -R 770 /samba/marketing

Any Ideas?

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