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bala1989murugan 09-07-2016 04:50 AM

LVM - Reduce Issue
Dear Team,

I have an 50 GB LV.
I need to reduce 10GB from 50GB.
After the lv reduction I'll have 40GB available space.

First I did un-mount the mount point location.
Executed e2fsck -f /dev/balavg/balalv
After that executed resize2fs /dev/balavg/balalv 10G
Finally ran, lvreduce -L -10G /dev/balavg/balalv
While executing this command, it's asking 50 GB to 40GB. but its reduced 40GB. I am getting only 10GB available space.

Kindly suggest on this.

smallpond 09-07-2016 06:07 AM

Your resize2fs command is setting the size to 10G. You can now just resize again to max space by leaving off the size.

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