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Lautre 12-27-2019 07:04 AM

Meet Calculate Linux 20 !
Released on December 27, 2019

For this new (year) release, Gentoo 17.1 was used as the base profile, all binary packages recompiled with GCC 9.2, and overlays managed with eselect. Calculate Linux will no longer come in 32 bits.

Are available for download: Calculate Linux Desktop featuring the KDE (CLD), Cinnamon (CLDC), LXQt (CLDL), Mate (CLDM) or else Xfce (CLDX and CLDXS) scientific, Calculate Directory Server (CDS), Calculate Linux Scratch (CLS) and Calculate Scratch Server (CSS).

Change List
  • We moved to profile Gentoo 17.1.
  • All binary packages were recompiled with GCC 9.2.
  • Calculate Linux will no longer come in 32 bits.
  • eselect replaced layman as the overlay manager and the enabled overlays moved to /var/db/repos.
  • A local overlay was added, located at /var/calculate/custom-overlay.
  • You can run 'emerge --config' to launch the new cl-config tool for service configuration.
  • 'modesetting' video driver supported.
  • CPU-X was replaced by the graphical HardInfo utility for better hardware browsing.
  • mplayer was replaced by mpv.
  • cronie replaced vixie-cron for cron job scheduling.
  • Fixed single disk autodetection for installation.
  • Fixed the bug with several applications playing ALSA audio at the same time.
  • Fixed default audio device configuration.
  • The Xfce desktop was updated to v4.14, as well the icon theme.
  • Plymouth-driven bootloader screen.
  • Fixed name reservation for network devices by excluding devices with local MAC addresses.
  • In cl-kernel, fixed the bug when switching between desktop and server kernel configuration.
  • Fixed Web browser icon on the bottom panel disappearing at update time.
  • CLDXE, the educational CL flavour was renamed to CLDXS.
  • More precise disk space calculation for installation.
  • Fixed container shutdown.
  • Fixed disk partitioning for logical sectors over 512 bytes of size.
  • Fixed single disk selection as the autopartition default.
  • emerge-like usage of the '--with-bdeps' option of the update tool.
  • You can put yes/no in tool parameters, if you prefer them to on/off.
  • Fixed current video driver detection via Xorg.0.log.
  • Fixed system cleanup bug: the current kernel settings are reserved.
  • Fixed the bugged system image compilation for images with UEFI.
  • Fixed IP detection for bridge devices.
  • Fixed GUI login (lightdm used if applies).
  • No more freezing at start time, that was due to interactive operation of OpenRC.
  • The IRC client has also Spanish and Portuguese preconfiguration.
  • Added the Norwegian locale (nb_NO).

Featured Packages
  • CLD (KDE desktop): KDE Frameworks 5.64.0, KDE Plasma 5.17.4, KDE Applications 19.08.3, LibreOffice, Firefox 71.0 - 2.69 G
  • CLDC (Cinnamon desktop): Cinnamon 4.0.3, LibreOffice, Firefox 70.0, Evolution 3.32.4, Gimp 2.10.14, Rhythmbox 3.4.3 - 2.38 G
  • CLDL (LXQt desktop): LXQt 0.13.0, LibreOffice, Firefox 70.0, Claws Mail 3.17.4, Gimp 2.10.14, Clementine 1.3.1 - 2.37 G
  • CLDM (MATE desktop): MATE 1.22, LibreOffice, Firefox 70.0, Claws Mail 3.17.4, Gimp 2.10.14, Clementine 1.3.1 - 2.47 G
  • CLDX (Xfce desktop): Xfce 4.14, LibreOffice, Firefox 70.0, Claws Mail 3.17.4, Gimp 2.10.14, Clementine 1.3.1 - 2.32 G
  • CLDXS (Xfce Scientific desktop): Xfce 4.14, Eclipse 4.13.0, Inkscape 0.92.4, LibreOffice, Firefox 70.0, Claws Mail 3.17.4, Gimp 2.10.4 - 2.62 G
  • CDS (Directory Server): OpenLDAP 2.4.48, Samba 4.8.6, Postfix 3.4.5, ProFTPD 1.3.6b, Bind 9.11.2_p1 - 758 M
  • CLS (Linux Scratch): Xorg-server 1.20.5, Kernel 5.4.6 - 1.20 G
  • CSS (Scratch Server): Kernel 5.4.6, Calculate Utilities - 570 M

Downloads and Updates

Our LiveUSB images are available for download at

If you already have Calculate Linux on board, please update your system to get CL 20.

All times are GMT -5. The time now is 03:30 PM.