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flor_de_azucena 12-29-2012 04:38 AM

CL 13 Final Release
The final release of Calculate Linux 13 has been announced. Here's the official announcement.

It is rather different from what the previous stable version offered, including new Calculate Utilities functionality. Numerous fixes were made while testing this new version.

CL13 features brand-new looks: a set of appearance packages make your desktop a whole, with an appearance theme assigned to each flavour. To change the default appearance, simply edit the THEMES flag in your make.conf.

A full French translation has been added for Calculate Utilities 3, which is quite news in itself.

From now on, there will be no more fighting against calculate meta-packages each time you want to modify something: with the new configuration event called whenever eix-sync is running, templates will see to all necessary adjustments. Templates are now obeying new principles: they are organized around events not packages, thus making the templates tree much easier to handle. README files were also added for better orientation, where the logic of the templates tree is described and each template commented.

Calculate Linux Desktop XFCE is worth particular mention, as we did out best to make it come out as a good alternative against KDE or GNOME. The XFCE version of CL contains less native packages compared to KDE for instance, that's why numerous settings needed adjustment.

And many things are still on their way: support of UEFI installation, GNOME update to 3.6, adopting the new genkernel, porting calculate-builder/assemble under Calculate Utilities 3 (as they're still based on the 2nd version), entrusting calculate-update with system update, rewritting calculate-server...

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