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Lautre 09-17-2009 10:57 PM

Calculate Linux Scratch 9.9 i686/x86_64 released
Calculate Linux Scratch (CLS) is a Gentoo based Live-CD intended for creating a distribution with your own choice of software packages. Calculate Linux Scratch Gnome (CLSG) includes a lite version of GNOME desktop.

  • 100% Gentoo-compatible
  • Interactive System Builder allows to create a list of included software
  • Supported languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Polish,Russian, Ukrainian.
  • Can be installed on USB key and USB-HDD with with ext2, ext3 and ext4, reiserfs, xfs, jfs.

Changes from release 9.8
  1. Moved to Aufs2
  2. initrd and kernel packed using lzma
  3. A kernel from gentoo-sources
  4. A new utility cl-unmask for unmasking packages
  5. Simultaneous daemons start up
  6. CLSG – fixed a bug when GNOME auto-mount of “/media” was causing an error message “Resource is busy”

Software versions:
  1. CLS 9.9: X.Org 7.4, Kernel, Firefox 3.5.3
  2. CLSG 9.9: X.Org 7.4, Kernel, Firefox 3.5.3, Gnome 2.24.1
CLS 9.9: i686 - 573 MB, x86_64 - 629 MB
CLSG 9.9: i686 - 651 MB, x86_64 - 709 MB

Update from previous versions:

For update from Version <=9.7:
  1. Update Calculate installer to version 1.2.7 using the manual
  2. Install sys-fs/squashfs-tools "$ emerge -C sys-fs/calculate-squashfs && emerge sys-fs/squashfs-tools".”


ManfredB 09-20-2009 08:43 AM

calculate --scratch -d /dev/sdaX

I cannot use --scratch, because it is not available.

After installing on HD "scratch" also not available.

What is wrong?

I use cls-9.9-686


Lautre 09-21-2009 03:06 AM

"scratch" option was changed to "build"
Run calculate --build -d /dev/sdaX

ManfredB 09-21-2009 03:24 AM

Hello Lautre,

thank you very much for your answer.

Greetings from

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