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Lautre 12-04-2009 05:29 PM

Calculate Linux Desktop 10.0 released
News release
dec 3, 2009.

Calculate Linux is a family of distributives, based on the Gentoo GNU/Linux progect
and completely compatible with it. Calculate Linux is parted in three ways, which is Calculate Directory Server (CDS), Calculate Linux Desktop (CLD/CLDX) and Calculate Linux Scratch (CLS/CLSG).

- 100% compatability to Gentoo
- overpatching distributives interactively
- languages supported: english, spanish, portuguese, german, italian, russian, ukranian, polish and french
- support HDD and USB-HDD installation with file system: ext4, ext3, ext2, reiserfs, xfs & jfs,
or USB-Flash with FAT32

Major Changes
1. transfer distributive profiles into Calculate overlay for response controlling
2. assembly distributive by meta-packages with transition support between versions
3. In Firefox browser of CLD/CLDX distributives Adblock Plus extention is included
4. At CDS the support of DHCP net generation is added
5. At CLD P2P client Eiskaltdc, Kbluetooth are added, in Kopete the Facebook support is included
6. OpenGL setting is shipped while loading system from livecd or usb-hdd
7. Instead TWM the Openbox window manager now used in CLS
8. the mistakes are corrected, including mounting system on 3ware raid array

Versions solutions:
* CDS 10.0: Calculate-server 2.1.6, Bind 9.6.1-P2, Kernel, OpenLDAP 2.4.19, Postfix 2.6.5, ProFTPD 1.3.2b, Samba 3.4.3.
* CLD 10.0: X.Org 7.4, Kernel, Firefox 3.5.4, KDE 4.3.3, OpenOffice 3.1.1, Calculate-client 2.1.8
* CLDX 10.0: X.Org 7.4, Kernel, Firefox 3.5.4, XFCE 4.6.1, OpenOffice 3.1.1, Calculate-client 2.1.8
* CLS 10.0: X.Org 7.4, Kernel, Firefox 3.5.4
* CLSG 10.0: X.Org 7.4, Kernel, Firefox 3.5.4, Gnome 2.26.3

Project's site
Calculate Linux vers. descriptions

To renew the previous Calculate Linux version is required to:
1. upload ISO mode at /usr/calculate/share/linux directory and execute calculate -d /dev/sdaX command
with indicating section to install. In this case installation will take about 5-7 min, most settings
will be transfered.
2. change settings and compile packages.Renovation process will take a few hours, depending on computer capacity. With all this all the packages will be optimized to your computer. The order of updating is the following:

1). Update overlay and portages
2). Set up
>=1.3.0 emerge calculate
3). Update setup profile
calculate -P all
4). Reset eselect with patch
emerge eselect
5). Besure Calculate profiles are available
eselect profile list
6). Choose system profile (for CLD - 1)
eselect profile set 1
7). Update configuration of /etc/make.conf & /etc/portage
calculate -P Update
8). Setup updating meta-package
emerge cld-meta

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