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Lautre 10-01-2011 03:09 AM

Calculate Linux 11.9 released
We are glad to announce a release of Calculate Linux 11.9.

Main changes
* Calculate Linux now has a new flavor: meet Calculate Media Center!

* Local user profiles will be updated in a new way: changes will be made only when programs are installed. Thanks to it, login has become faster, and setup of user profiles, as well as of the root user is now available in Calculate Linux Scratch.
* Instead of kdm/gdm, using your own startup script graphical session.

* Installation on a soft Raid partition supported.
* Installation on a LVM partition supported, including if it runs on a soft Raid.
* Support added for btrfs and nilfs2, and we've fixed the problem with installing on Jfs.
* ext4 comes as the default filesystem at install.
* Single-user installation mode added, to allow login without entering the password. Comes by default in Calculate Media Center.

* Templates added, which will create icons of the main programs - so that they do not disappear from the bottom panel during update when icon files are renamed.
* AdBlock+ plugin added for the Chromium browser.


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