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Lautre 06-19-2009 06:36 AM

Calculate 1.1.0 RC1 released
In the Calculate Overlay ebuild package finally came Calculate! What would it mean? This means that all future versions Calculate Linux will finally be 100% compatible with Gentoo.
Calculate - a package that gathers system, installs it on your PC and adjusts. With this package you can create your own system from scratch and use it to install later.

We did not have a way to keep separate build scripts, knowing that the miser pays twice and one time (for example, to what could be the collapse of the hard drive) all could collapse overnight. At least a couple of projects I know. Of them was able to recover only one.

So, Calculate adapted to new realities, and may collect system, given that it will be there to attend as ebuild-a. The mechanism of the assembly, I think later on as some describe, it's quite interesting.

New Calculate have not updated nor themselves, nor their mother Overlay. The first function of the emerge, the second layman. Unfortunately until the layman knows nothing about this overlay. But if he is to link it with joy expands its system.

What are the advantages of assembly Calculate-st.
- Do you think only of the final product, describing conveniently USE flags (in separate case files), a packet (via the structure of directories and conditional units) and settings (using the profiles of the installation).
- Razmaskirovka dependency and a means of automated Calculate.
- You can use the experience of calculate overlay - propatchenny isolinux (calcboot), customized splash, which remains only to insert their images propatchenny slim (if anyone needed), etc.
- Convert to ISO format of the archive collected by the system using `calculate - iso`.
- And importantly - the opportunity to install and configure the system on different machines.

P.S. If you have people close to the developers of gentoo, I would appreciate if you can help add to calculate overlay in layman. Describe it here:

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