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Fregido 09-28-2012 07:01 AM

Unable to log in whith lxdm

I am annoyed because of a login problem.

With LXDM (default graphical login):
- When I type a wrong password, it returns instantly to the login invite.
- When I type the correct password, the display change like if the desktop was loading for about half a second, and then goes back to the login invite

In console mode (ctrl-alt-F1):
- I can login without any problem.

I precise I had only one user (yes, it is bad...) and use bodhi 1.3.?

I tried some unsuccessfull things:
- Rename the /home/myuser/.e directory -> Still unable to login and no new .e directory generated
- Create a new user (adduser mynewuser) -> The user has a /home/mynewuser/.e directory but can not login, exactly same process as the first user.

I don't remember what could have disturbed the system.
I just did a user password change (passwd in the default terminal application) and played with the themes and (animated)wallpapers.

If somebody has any idea...

Thanks for reading,


PS: I try to place the thread in the correct forum, hope it's ok

suttiwit 09-30-2012 09:50 AM

It maybe a bug with lightdm. I got a similar bug when i used xubuntu (xfce).

Though, It has been reported.

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