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enigma9o7 11-10-2018 04:01 AM

Terminology - Cut & Paste :(
I'm just curious. I feel like I recently saw something about some fonts or themes or something for terminology. But it made me wonder, if anyone actually is skilled enough to mess with themes and fonts or whatever, why would they use terminology?

The reason being, every time I ever right-click (to cut & paste) it takes time to bring up the menu. Every other terminal emulator I've tried it's instant, and being as the only thing I ever really do in a shell besides type stuff is cut & paste, this is important to me, and so I stopped using terminology as soon as I realized every other terminal works better. I currently use lxterminal but only cuz I'd tried lubuntu before bodhi and knew its terminal was fine.

So I'm wondering. Does right-click actually work fast for others, and if so, what is wrong with my setups?

the_waiter 11-10-2018 04:47 AM

I always work with Terminology. There are some features I turn on/off for my needs. For example turning off the text scrolling on change in settings. As far as copy/paste is concern. Yes this is possible with mouse. Highlight the text, pressing the right mouse button to pop up the menu and use the buttons. Of course there are also key shortcuts to do this. But it is not ctrl c or ctrl v. The shortcuts defined in the settings under keys:

You can change them as you wish


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