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Rosika 12-02-2019 10:57 AM

Some keys donīt work any more
Hi altogether,

Iīusing bodhilinux in a VM and lately encountered some strange behaviour as far as keyboard input is concerned.

Suddenly the arrow left and right keys donīt work any more. Neither do "Pos1" and "End". This is within the "normal" terminal
But they do work from the number input field.

Strange, as they used to work perfectly.
Does anybody kow what to do?

Thanks a lot in advance.


smallpond 12-02-2019 11:42 AM

Maybe turn off Num Lock?

Rosika 12-02-2019 11:52 AM


Thanks for your answer.

NumLock is turned off. So nothing there, Iīm afraid. Sorry.


the_waiter 12-02-2019 12:37 PM

Hello Rosika

Not sure if this is your case but try this link:

Lets hope it could be suitable for you


the_waiter 12-02-2019 12:49 PM

Hmm, looking more about your issue and lets try this command:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup

Rosika 12-02-2019 01:02 PM

Hi again and thanks,


sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup
didnīt seem to work. Itīs a a shame.

I just took over the default settings. Perhaps I should have opted for other settings.

Anyway, Iīll try again tomorrow.

Thanks again.


Rosika 12-03-2019 08:41 AM

Hi again,

hereīs the latest info: Suddenly the keys work again.

What I wanted to do right now was running

sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup
once more, hoping to get the keys working again. But it really didnīt come to that as I realized that there was a kernel-update available for my host system (Lubuntu 18.04.3 LTS, 64 bit).

So I updated my host at first. Now itīs kernel linux-generic thatīs running. Formerly it was
linux-generic .
I am by no means convinced that my host-kernel had something to do with the respective keys not working.
However thatīs all I can tell: new host-kernel ----> keys work again in the Bodhi-VM. (Or perhaps just a coincidence?)

my VM is: VMWare Workstation 15 player, version 15.1.0 build-13591040
Plus: each time a new host-kernel is installed VMWare reconfigures itself adapting to the new host-kernel.

No idea if that has got something to do with my problem.

Rosika :)

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