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madmax25 04-21-2019 05:22 AM

BL5.0-64bit - How to set up vino, please?
Earlier this year, I managed to do this in the terminal with gsettings (on a Xubuntu installation), according to a "How to", but I don't remember the location of that "How to".

Does anybody know, how it's done, or where to look for this information, please?

I just found the wanted "How to", but I'm not sure about how to use it on Bodhi.

I already tried gnome-control-center, but when I start it, all I get is an empty window with no options at all inside.

madmax25 04-21-2019 10:14 AM

I removed the gnome-control-center and tried the "How to" from #1 and it seems to be working,
but now, I cannot find a tray icon for the Vino, although I verified vino-server to be actually running.

According to...


...this server is running.

After trying to access that computer from another one within my local network, the VNC connection does also work fine.
I can see the wanted icon in the tray, too, but only as long as the connection is active.

Is it possible to show the icon permanently, just to be sure the vino-server is running?

enigma9o7 04-22-2019 01:01 AM

Do you have 'systray' in your shelf? On a default install the only thing systray affects is nm-applet, but any other regular app that you install that uses the system tray also needs that on the shelf or it won't show up on shelf...

madmax25 04-22-2019 03:38 AM

Systray is there and enabled.

madmax25 04-27-2019 01:02 PM

I just managed to enable the tray icon permanently.

I had to change client at the end of the following line to always.

gsettings set org.gnome.Vino icon-visibility client
But changing this doesn't make sense, because if you click that icon, you get a menu where you can access the settings GUI of vino.
But this GUI has been removed from Ubuntu 18.04 and has been replaced by the gsettings
which are only accessible through the terminal.

Therefore, this GUI is not available in BL 5 either.

Let me add, the guide I mentioned in #1, does work for BL5, too.

You just have to make sure you do the command right above section 5 of the guide.
Then you can navigate to the start-up apps (see your settings console) and enable the entry for "Desktop Sharing".

You may also chose another port than the default one, which is 5900, in order to make the connection more secure.
This is easier to do by using the dconf-editor.

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