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wimc 04-08-2020 07:10 PM

5.0.0 versus 5.1.0 theme
The theme that came with a fresh 5.1.0 64 bit download didn't suit me, so I reinstalled 5.0.0, to keep the MokshaGreen theme available to 5.0.0.

Would there be a way to change theme in 5.1.0?


Add: did add a theme via synaptic that resembled MokshaGreen, but it ended being a mix of both.

the_waiter 04-08-2020 11:36 PM

5.0.0 versus 5.1.0 theme
sudo apt install bodhi-theme-moksha-green

wimc 04-09-2020 07:23 AM


Originally Posted by the_waiter (Post 6109380)
sudo apt install bodhi-theme-moksha-green

Thank you

Try not to mess with anything as much as possible, fine with that. Bodhi just works and its been around 4 years now.

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