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DeMus 11-16-2011 02:32 AM

[Solved] How to choose a profile at first boot in live-CD?
By accident I found out there is a Bodhi OS and after reading about it a lot I decided to download the CD. I booted my computer and landed at a boot prompt which disappeared after 20 seconds. Now I have a graphical screen on my monitor where I should choose a Profile. Okay, I want to do that so I click on one of them. And then??? After selecting a profile, how do I actually choose it? I tried clicking it, double-clicking it, I tried the Enter-key, nothing happens. There is no button I can click on to select my choice, nothing.
Did something go wrong here or am I just too stupid? Be honest, I can take it.

Who can help me?

Stop the presses. I found it. The word Next on screen is hidden in the logo so I didn't see it at first. Maybe something to think about.

Larry Webb 11-16-2011 05:07 AM

Do not feel bad, the expression is 'can not see the trees for the forest'. Everyone has been there. Thank you for explaining how you solved the problem.

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